We are griin,

let’s grab some coffee and answer a few questions

What is this thing?

This is a coffee roaster, roasting coffee at the point of consumption. Cool, right? But, unlike the big, heavy and bulky industrial roasters, you may know, this roaster is literally different in every way. Our proprietary system roasts coffee beans from the inside out, in a roasting process governed by an AI applied to image processing that can recognize each bean’s color and heat signature. And with this insane level of control, we guarantee the precise amount of heat energy is delivered to each and every bean. The result? You tell us! We promise it is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. We know, because before we invented it - it didn’t exist. Enjoy!

What am I drinking right now?

Well, I’m just a landing page, not some kind of an AI, or Gandalf. But I’m guessing… coffee. The beans roasted here are premium coffee beans that fall under the classification of “Specialty” coffee quality standard. In this specific batch, you are drinking a Single Origin of the coffee variety called Caturra and it comes from the Huila region in Costa Rica. Famous for producing some of the best coffee in the world (yes, it’s up there with the Geisha, Blue Mountain, and the Kona of the world). These specific beans received a special treatment using a processing method called “Red Honey” giving them an additional flavor dimension as they were left to ferment and absorb the sugar from the coffee cherry pulp

What’s so special about roasting it here in SQLINK?

Take a sip. Seriously, try the coffee. We guess that like the vast majority of people, you have never actually tried freshly roasted coffee. It’s different (we think it’s the waaay-better-kind-of-different). The coffee most people get to taste is one that has been roasted weeks, and sometimes even months before consumption. We invite you to a completely new, fresh, awesome type of coffee experience. Take a sip, let us know what you think!

Wait...Who are you?

We are griin, and we bring raw (AKA green) coffee to the desk of every coffee lover in SQLINK (and then… THE WORLD!). Founded by a coffee lover, a maker, and a genius (still debating on which is which). We’ve set on a journey to create the best cup of coffee for you, for the farmer, and for the environment. We developed and built this lovely machine you see right in front of you right now, we sourced the beans you are drinking directly from the producers of this coffee in Costa Rica, and we invented the technology (yes… Patent pending and all that) that activates this whole wonder. Because as our Chief Coffee Experience says: “A good cup of coffee is a miracle” (this joke works better in Hebrew…).

Just how are you better for the environment?

Oh… don’t get us started! Actually… Do! We are sustainable in everything we do and that’s because we believe that workplaces want their coffee to be good for their employees as well as for the environment. The griin solution packs a dramatic environmental impact as it can use renewable energy sources, it energy consumption is highly efficient, it produces no smoke or ambient heat, and our new & optimized coffee supply chain (farm to office) guarantees that the farmers enjoy the fair share for their labor. Thanks to the super-high level of heat-transfer accuracy inherent to our technology, we reduce PM emissions to zero and lower energy loss to less than 2% of convection roasters. Had enough? No? Good! neither did we: makes international transportation of coffee from origin countries to centralized roasting factories redundant and we completely eliminate the use of tonnes of landfill-bound packaging.

Awesome! Where can I get one for my home coffee brewer?

SQLINK is literally one of the first places in Israel (and actually - the world) to enjoy this awesome freshly roasted coffee, so... You’ll just have to enjoy it here for now.

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